Stethee Pro Mobile App Main Screen

  • Last Published Date: July 14, 2021

The Stethee Pro Mobile App main screen has 8 key features which are shown below:

Name Description
1. Status Bar Has three (3) different status modes:
Disconnected (grey); no Stethee Pro is connected.
Ready (blue); Stethee Pro is connected.
<seconds display>; Stethee Pro is currently recording a sample.
2. Grid Displays live sample and denotes 1 and 5 second time intervals.
3. Record / Stop Toggle Button Used to start or stop a recording.
4. Patient Files The storage and viewing location of patient samples.
5. Stethee Pro Main Screen Stethee Pro home screen.
6. Stethee Pro App Settings Manage and edit your Stethee Pro profile, PIN login, access user manuals, and more.
7. Realtime Analysis Bar Displays the real-time Heart Rate, Systole and Diastole durations during recording. *
8. Stethee Pro Settings Icon View your device's battery level, change volume levels, select various filters and more. **

* A minimum of 5 seconds of sample time is required to calculate this information.
** To access Stethee Pro Settings, your Stethee Pro must be paired and connected to your mobile device.

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